Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing

When you start planning anything new, it could potentially be both overwhelming and equally thrilling. You know what you want to achieve and why and you know others have done so and you have your own ideas and some of theirs to achieve what they have done already. This is true with social media marketing too. However step one is to have a plan and although you might have an idea, we share with you what works on social media. Your first consideration is the time you have to devote to your marketing and you need to have minimum an hour a day for each one of your social media platforms to get started.

In addition, who is your target audience and where do they hang out most. Your resources available such as employees and relevant skills they have and if you will be doing everything yourself. Filling out your profiles as completely as possible proves that you have cohesive branding professionalism and a signs that you are serious to engage with visitors. Using visuals are equally important and this should be aimed at familiarity and consistency. Your posting strategy is just as important and what works for one person does not work for another, but be consistent, avoid buzzword and keep your tone and language fresh.

You need to realize that visual content has a lot of power on social media and for example when your add a picture to a retweet with a picture the viewing rate is boosted by 35 %. Sharing system must go according to links, images, quotes, updates, and reshares. The frequency is important with a Facebook posting frequency of five to ten times per week, tweets minimum of five times per day, LinkedIn no more than once a day and google plus up to five times per day.