Web Design Trends

Yearly with new technology and larger scrolling smartphones, tablets, etc. web design trends continuously evolve as well. You might have noticed that most of the new websites tend to have more length when you scroll through its pages. The reason for this is exactly why responsive web design is so vitally important. Mobile devices are used more and more and it is commonplace to use a mobile to visit a website. Therefor does web designers opt more for scrolling websites instead of the older linking of pages in displaying their content. Users find it simpler to scroll than the constant clicking of before to find what they are looking for.

Interaction and storytelling are other important design trends even though great content remains important, the ability to tell a story with the right content is better. Interaction through animated storytelling adds that appeal and uniqueness to your content when you do it tastefully. Another new trend is no more large header background images with the text on the top. You might question this; however, the text still remains, but the image is left out from the design for a cleaner more uncluttered feel to the page.

Another big change is cleaner and more simplistic designs and most or all of the non-essential removed from pages. No more sophisticate layouts loads of images and sharp background colors, etc. instead simple and clean that stands out from the rest with their color-heavy, image-heavy and design heaviness. Something else that stands out is fixed and centered width as it gives a site a nice focus on all devices. Something else that has disappeared is the use of stock photography and instead is website owner and designers more focused on using professional custom photography. Main menus are hidden, that is another important trend, and it will only become visible when a user choose to move on and click on the appropriate link.